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The quickest way to find everything a student in Sunderland might need, whether it’s a cheap takeaway, a taxi into town or a book for your university course. Go Local! points you in the direction of student services in and around Sunderland and The University of Sunderland.

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  1. 1. Guides
  2. 2. Local Media
  3. 3. Services
  4. 4. Travel
  5. 5. Student Advice Centres
  6. 6. Utilities
  7. 7. Other




1) Guides in Sunderland


Northumbria Tourist Board - [Link]



2) Local Media in Sunderland


BBC News - [Link]


3) Services in Sunderland


Sunderland City Council - [Link]


4) Travel in Sunderland


Total travel guide - [Link]



5) Student Advice Centres in Sunderland


International Student Guide - [Link]


6) Utilities in Sunderland


Energy Watch - [Link]


7) Other in Sunderland


Citizens Advice Bureau - [Link]



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